Monday, June 29, 2020, 09:00AM – 11:00AM (Central European Summer Time or UTC+2)

Organizer: Cristina Huidiu – Digital Science

Short description of the training including expected learning outcomes

The Dimensions API has been built to allow institutions and researchers to define their own analysis criteria as well as enhancing their current tools but most importantly, it’s easy to use by beginner data scientists, researchers, librarians and research managers who don’t have team members with technical abilities.

The training will focus on 2 key areas: disambiguating researcher names from outside the organization in CRIS systems and automating reports that focus on the wider impact of research.

The goal of this training is to encourage participants to think of new ways they can understand the reach and impact of their research as well as:

  • Learn the basics of DSL (Dimensions Search Language)
  • Use the Dimensions/ GRID integration
  • Run python scripts (either one of the templates we will be providing or coming up with their own)

Tools used: Google Collab – free environment from Google although participants can choose their environment of choice.

Profile (necessary skills and knowledge) of trainees

No technical skills or prior knowledge of Dimensions or any of the additional tools/ languages necessary. Own laptops/desktops needed.