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Registration for the ICTeSSH 2020 virtual conference is opened and is FREE OF CHARGE thanks to our sponsors. We are happy to welcome anyone interested in ICT enhanced SSH to the conference! The conference will bring together SSH researchers, computer scientists, informaticians, publishers, librarians, vendors of research ICT tools, SSH decision makers and others. There are many reasons why you should take into consideration to participate in this conference:

The conference was firstly planned as a physical meeting. The ICTeSSH 2020 committee has taken a decision to move ICTeSSH from physical to digital mode due to the ongoing global pandemic. Anyway, we are looking forward to host up to 1,000 attendees and more than 25 speakers in a virtual environment. The participation in the conference is free of charge thanks to our sponsors.  A registration form is available below.

Best Package

Free registration

  • Access to four regular sessions
  • Access to five keynote speakers sessions
  • Access to sponsors session
  • Participation in two workshops and a training
  • Access to a panel session
  • Participation in an ICT products quiz with 500 euros prize for the winner

COVID-19 and refunding of registration fees

COVID-19 has moved this conference online. Participants who already paid registration fee for participation in initially planed physical meeting will be contacted by Science 2.0 Alliance officers to arrange full refunding of paid fees.

Code of conduct

The Science 2.0 Alliance is dedicated to creating a safe, respectful, and collegial conference environment for the benefit of everyone who attends, and for the advancement of research and scholarship in fields supported by our constituent organizations. The Science 2.0 Alliance ICTeSSH conference Code of Conduct is available at