Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 9:00AM – 11:00AM


The workshop is organised by the following SSHOC project partners:
• European Research Infrastructure for Language Resources and Technology (CLARIN) – Daan Broeder
• Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH) – Laure Barbot
• Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage (OEAW-ACDH) – Matej Durco
• Association of European Research Libraries (LIBER) – Vasso Kalaitzi
• Trust-IT – Marieke Willems

Short Description and objectives of the workshop

SSHOC will realise the Social Sciences and Humanities part of the European Open Science Cloud. One of the SSHOC project’s core objectives is to foster the transition from the current Social Sciences and Humanities landscape into a cloud-based infrastructure, that will operate according to the FAIR principles, offering access to research data and related services adapted to the needs of the SSH community. Furthermore, the tools, services, repositories and other resources brought in by project partners or generated during the course of the project will be featured in the SSH Open Marketplace.

The project partners are developing tools and services for SSH researchers, data experts and research librarians who are part of the targeted end-users of the content of the SSH Open Marketplace. SSHOC aims to align the SSH Open Marketplace and its content with current research data practices.
The SSH Open Marketplace has been developed in the SSHOC project for over a year now. The approach for development activities is to use agile and UX best practices, therefore involving targeted end-users as much as possible. Workshops, interviews, brainstorming sessions as well as prioritisation meetings were heavily used in our developments. As a result, the project is going to release alpha version of the SSH Open Marketplace in June 2020. To follow our development approach and improve SSH Open Marketplace offerings, the project needs ongoing user feedback and engagement. Therefore the proposed workshop will have the following main objectives:

  • Raise awareness of the SSH Open Marketplace and the services and tools incorporated for research communities. Provide clear information on how SSH Open Marketplace can help researchers in their daily activities and how it supplements and the existing services offered by EOSC (e.g. EOSC Marketplace).
  • Engage SSH research community present at ICTeSSH to collect their input and feedback on the functionality and content of the SSH Open Marketplace, including reflections on the maintenance routines planned to be implemented in the system.
  • Share experiences from using agile and UX best practices in development activities of the SSH Open Marketplace.

Agenda and speakers:

  • Introduction, what are EOSC and SSHOC and what’s in it for you? Connecting to end-user communities @ICTeSSH – Marieke Willems (Trust-IT) & Vasso Kalaitzi (LIBER) – (10 min)
  • What is the SSH Open Marketplace and what is it not? – Laure Barbot (DARIAH) – (10 min)
  • Opening up the domain of SSH services and tools; how can we connect technologies and researchers – Daan Broeder
    (CLARIN) – (10 min)
  • End-users view on the SSH Open Marketplace content – Speakers are selected applicants from call for participation
    of researchers from different SSH subdomains, as indicated in the engagement mechanism below – Moderator: – Matej
    Durco (OEAW-ACDH) – (75 minutes)
    a. An end-user journey on connecting to the SSH Open Marketplace
    b. Content alignment with tools & services already in use and needed in daily life?
    c. Contextualisation: optimising user experience & needs for training
    d. Identification of services & tools not yet referenced in the SSH Open Marketplace
  • Integrating end-user feedback & closing – Matej Durco (OEAW-ACDH) (15 min)