Monday, June 29, 2020, 12:00PM – 1:30PM

  • Gabriele Marinello, Qeios,;
  • Alberto Bedogni, University of Padua,;
  • Giorgio Bedogni, Italian Liver Foundation – Trieste,;
  • Alberto Marinello, Qeios,;
  • Marcello Fuschi, University of Bologna,


Most of the research is inconclusive. Reasons lie both in the current systems of research production and quality check. Lack of communication among researchers brings them to the inability to select the right fundamental definitions when composing their articles. Inconsistency between definitions is the unavoidable result, leading to articles incomparability and therefore research inconclusiveness. Articles thus produced are submitted to scientific journals to be checked and published. Their oligarchic system
selects articles on the ability to foster journals’ brand-names rather than actual quality. Despite this, the journal’s brand-name is currently regarded as a marker of quality.


Qeios wants to give researchers the power to produce, publish and share the world’s best knowledge.


Researchers connected on compose their Articles along with a new object, the Definition, directly on the platform. The Definition is a new piece of knowledge which represents one of the building blocks at the base of research. Articles and Definitions are instantly published on the platform itself with no barriers. A 100% acceptance rate for Articles and Definitions becomes essential to allow the entire researchers’ community performing the most valuable quality check (OPPPR). For the first time, a ranking of Definitions is built which determines what the best building blocks to be
used in research are.


Researchers have now the power to produce, publish and share new research of increased quality, comparability and reproducibility, greatly reducing the risk of inconclusiveness and thus fueling the entire virtuous circle.


Qeios is a totally new integrated system of research production and quality
check which assists researchers in producing the world’s best knowledge, while saving time, money, increasing their visibility, satisfying their need of democracy and being economically awarded for their work. A new piece of knowledge, the Definition, allow researchers to do so.

Workshop content and format

What if researchers could use an Open Science platform enabling them to seamlessly write with colleagues and instantly publish both their Articles and Definitions without leaving it? And what if the wider community of peers could then give the most transparent and diverse feedback by openly review both Articles and Definitions? In our hands-on session, researchers can try a new way of integrating scholarly definitions as the building blocks of their new piece of research, and have the approval of the wider community of peers.

Attendees are expected to bring a laptop.

Learning outcomes

With Qeios, we are striving hard to finally give researchers full control over every aspect of the research life cycle — production, quality check and sharing. The overall result is not just immensely positive for all the stakeholders in the process, but also, and most of all, for the output — research. Free, better and more comparable research.